Find out more about the best Thai in Byron Bay. The beaches of Byron Bay are characterised by their abundance of lighthouses and the presence of marine life such as bottlenose dolphins, rays, whales, and sea turtles.

This New South Wales town that was once a whaling station and is now mostly a tourist destination is nevertheless profoundly impacted by its recent bohemian past, during which time hippy lifestyles were prevalent.

Sarongs, dreadlocks, and didgeridoos can be heard playing in the parks, and there is an abundance of eateries that provide vegetarian food. Enjoy a carefree and enjoyable day by giving in to the laid-back atmosphere and ambling between the many beaches and bars.

Now let’s learn more about the best restaurants to satisfy your Thai food cravings. Here is our highly recommended and Thai restaurants in Byron Bay and surrounds.

Bang Bang

An all-Asian restaurant serving late-night meals is currently drawing huge crowds of patrons. Bang Bang capitalised on Byron’s Christmas business and the city’s perennial summer tourist hordes, who have been coming and going quicker than the club’s permanent DJ can spin the disco ball.

The former Earth’n’Sea pizza parlour has been replaced with Bang Bang at the intersection of Fletcher and Byron Streets in Byron Bay. It’s a sizable area, outfitted with standard tables and high table seating in addition to window seats around the walls. The decor of the restaurant is a mashup of industrial chic and country chic, with lots of fake plants and a plastered wall effect. The restaurant’s open kitchen is surrounded by intimate nooks and spacious tables perfect for hosting large parties.

Best Thai in Byron Bay

Bang Bang serves delicious, affordable, and plentiful food that is meant to be shared. The night menu has been shortened for the lunch service. We have both shared the chef’s banquet and ordered from the menu when dining with friends. Kingfish sashimi, salt and pepper squid, crispy fried chickens, tom sum (green papaya salad), pad thai, fried rice, braised beef massaman, and watermelon granita are just some of the delicacies that might appear on the Bang-quet (not a typo) tasting menu. If you’re eating out with a large party, this is the way to go. One of the six of us attending the banquet had to adhere to a gluten-free diet, and fortunately, she had no trouble enjoying the meal.

Success Thai

Authentic Thai cuisine is served up by husband-and-wife team Goy and Kan Kingkaew, both native Thais. Kan, whose mother Pramuk worked as a cook at Melbourne’s renowned Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, initially migrated to Australia. The couple’s new restaurant’s name, “Success Thai Food,” couldn’t have been more fitting.

A lot of our regulars don’t even have to ask for what they want! They come in, give us a friendly nod, and we immediately know what their “regular” is. They keep returning for more of the same.

Goy says they serve largely the same food year after year because that’s what their regulars want. Lots of stuff on the menu is vegan-friendly. Some specials and new items are introduced on occasion, but the regulars prefer the restaurant’s tried-and-true classics. They sell a lot of everything on the menu, but Pad Thai and Chilli Jam stir fry are particularly well-liked.

Thai Lucy

They create dishes only using seasonal produce that is available at that time of year based on what our neighbourhood fishmongers, farmers, and other producers have in stock for us.

They have a laid-back atmosphere, and you can bring your own beverage, walk right in, and even come with sandy feet and salty hair. You may find us at 4 Bay Lane, which is located directly behind Byron’s well-known Main Beach.

Our skilled Thai chefs are responsible for the preparation of mouthwatering, genuine Thai cuisine that is lovingly prepared. Every single one of their appetisers, sauces, curries, and main courses is prepared fresh from scratch every single day using methods, recipes, and flavours that are traditional to Thai cuisine.

TripAdvisor users voted this establishment the best Thai restaurant in Byron Bay in 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Wok This Way

Wok This Way is an exciting new initiative from the team at Yulli’s, and it is centred on the quick and flavorful street cuisine style that can be found throughout Asia (Thai dishes available). In addition to their extensive selection of Yulli’s Brews, we have a menu that is completely free of animal products and features a wide variety of modern and traditional Asian dishes.

At the bar, you can choose from a variety of vegan wines, spirits made locally, and cocktails in addition to the craft beers, ciders, and kombuchas that are on our list. At Wok This Way, you’ll find a warm and energetic atmosphere, with weekly live music and a big vinyl collection that can be chosen from and played on request. We hope that you like it as much as we did.

Thai By Night (Ballina)

At Thai by Night, they provide meals of exceptional quality and extend an invitation to sample the delectable fare that they provide. Their success may be attributed to one simple factor: they always provide high-quality, consistently delicious cuisine to our customers.

It gives them a great pleasure to provide their customers with authentic and delectable Thai foods. Eat wonderful meals. Grab a drink. But above all, just take it easy!

Bamboo Thai food (Bangalow)

Right in the Middle of Bangalow, Serving Up Fresh, Authentic, and Absolutely Delectable Thai Food.

This charming eatery on Byron Street in Bangalow is owned and operated by a wonderful family, and it serves authentic Thai cuisine. The crispy fish with tamarind sauce, the lamb curry, and the Tom Yam Kung are all top-notch dishes. They cater primarily to takeout orders and even supply wine glasses, which is convenient because I brought my own wine.

The employees are quite pleasant, and they appear to be having a good time. It is a good option to go with if you are in the Bangalow area and looking for a dinner to take away (you probably wouldn’t be driving from too far away) (the only Thai in Bangalow).

Sonnies Thai (Ballina)

You can experience all of the flavour, colour, and excitement of Thailand at Sonnie’s Thai in Ballina. They have created a one-of-a-kind menu that is inspired by traditional recipes from a number of different places and from their ancestors. You’ll find cuisine that’s been lovingly prepared, which will inspire and thrill the service that’s provided to you.

Located in Ballina, New South Wales, Sonnie’s Thai can be found on Ballina River St. They are ecstatic to be able to provide you with genuine Thai Traditional Dishes, which have been produced and cooked by Thai Chefs. These chefs ensure that each dish contains the actual ingredients that would be used in Thailand and that it is made in the same manner as it would be there. Their dishes run the gamut from mild to spicy (your choice). At Sonnie’s Thai, you’ll find helpful employees that are happy to chat and cater to your requirements. They accommodate customers of all ages.

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