Belongil Beach is a 2.5-kilometre strip of sand between the mouth of Belongil Creek in the west and the seawall and Byron Bay car park in the east.

Belongil Beach is a considerably calmer alternative to Byron Bay’s Main Beach (see below), making it ideal for families and dog owners.

belongil beach at sunset

In 1921, the 2K tonne passenger steamer Wollongbar became trapped in the waves in front of Belongil Beach. This wreckage may still be seen and is now a famous snorkelling location.

This stretch of Belongil Beach, just north of the seawall, is known as The Wreck and is a famous surfing destination. It’s a well-protected reef break with steady swells.


Is Belongil Beach nice?

Belongil Beach is suitable for surfers of all abilities, however children and beginners should avoid surfing when the beach is patrolled. Of course, the magnitude of the swell has a role. A southeasterly swell with an offshore southerly or southwesterly breeze produces the finest waves.

Where is Belongil Beach?

Belongil Beach, which spans south of Belongil Creek and across the most eastern part of Byron Bay, is a magnificent paradise with large lengths of sparkling white sand backed by ocean and vegetation.

Are dogs allowed on Belongil Beach?

Belongil Beach is dog-friendly from just past the Main Beach Car Park up to Manfred Street, where it goes into Reserve. The off-leash zone map may be found by clicking here.

How long is Belongil Beach?

The popular beachfront extends about 2.5km north of Byron Bay’s Main Beach, all the way up to the mouth of Belongil Creek.

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