Blackbird Byron is a grouping of three eye-catching self-contained pavilions that is located on a formerly abandoned banana farm in the Byron Bay hinterland, only 30 minutes from town.

The eclectic style of Blackbird, which pays homage to brutalism, mid-century modernism, and British graffiti culture, shouldn’t function on paper, according to founder and designer James Hudson. But it unquestionably does.

Blackbird Byron

After spending 18 months looking for the ideal location, Hudson—the filmmaker behind The Rum Diaries, Cream Tangerine, and White Revolver—started by hand-constructing Blackbird with the assistance of two neighbourhood carpenters and a contractor. Plans were written on pieces of paper while drinking morning coffee, and the construction took an additional eight months to finish.

Floor to ceiling windows in each pavillion provide unobstructed views of Mount Chincogan to the north and Cape Byron to the south. The interiors of the pavilions are tastefully decorated with vintage brass fixtures and concrete shelving in an industrial style. Along with the hand-built magnesium infinity pool, the lodging’s opulent amenities include an infrared sauna, a fully stocked on-site bar, and a private chef service for breakfast and supper.

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