Most people love a good lookout. Ones that are worth sharing on your social media help encapsulate the beauty of the location you are in. Hiking to a viewpoint and snapping an Instagram-worthy shot is practically mandatory on a vacation, right? Well we have lined up the best Byron Bay lookouts in this post.

Some of the finest images from any particular vacation come from standing at precisely the right time—sunrise, sunset, mid-day to see more dolphins in the water, whatever it is, but capturing the beauty of your surroundings is a terrific way to remember your amazing vacation.

A bonus to some of these lookouts is the fact you can witness the majestic whales that make their annual pilgrimage between May and November each year. Yes, you can see the whales jumping out of the water from some of these lookouts.

To assist with this endeavour, we’ve compiled a list of seven of the most picturesque lookouts in the Byron Bay Area. They are listed in no particular order!

1. St Helena Lookout

A majestic view into the town of Byron Bay and surrounds from the Byron Bay Hinterland town of Coorabell. There is limited parking at the spot and if you blink you might miss it. Punch in directions into your maps app and it will take to a “somewhat” busy corner where you can turn park and witness one of the most stunning views you will ever see. Honestly the photo doesn’t it do it justice. Always a great stop off on a road trip into the hinterland towns.

st helena, byron bay lookouts

2. Byron Bay Lighthouse at Cape Byron

A trip to Byron Bay isn’t complete unless you see the famed Cape Byron Lighthouse, especially if it’s your first time!

It’s extremely vital to arrive before sunrise. This is the greatest way to see Australia’s most easterly point, and you may claim it when you upload your best photo of the stunning surroundings during that morning. You were among the first people in Australia to see the light that day—what a great reward of being on this specific lookout.

Furthermore, because there is so much to see and do in the Bryon Bay Area, this is a perfect place to start any vacation. Breakfast? Should you go on a coastal walk around the lighthouse?

Stay longer to attempt to see dolphins or whales migrating if the season is right?

3. Minyon Falls Lookout

Minyon Falls is part of the Nightcap National Park and is around 100 metres tall. The nicest thing about the overlook is that you will not only see the falls, which are gorgeous, but you may be able to see all the way to the shore on a clear day.

At the overlook, you’ll not only discover a beautiful site to shoot photographs, but also plenty of barbecues and picnic tables, making it an ideal place to pack lunch and spend the day in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Consider trekking down to the base of Minyon Falls via the Minyon Falls walking trail. The view of the falls from the lovely pool at the bottom of the falls is well worth the difficult trek. Due to the steep nature of the 7.5km return trek, it is not recommended to hike this path immediately after a downpour.

4. Pat Morton Lookout

Nothing beats a beautiful seaside vista to remind you how wonderful the Northern Rivers is, and Pat Morton Lookout offers one of the greatest. The viewpoint, located on the summit of Lennox Point, is only a five-minute drive or a half-hour walk via coastal boardwalk from Lennox Head. It has benches and a grassy area with magnificent views across the hamlet and up Seven Mile Beach.

With hang gliders flying overhead, the sun gleaming on the lake, whales and dolphins breaching the surface (from May to October), and surfers riding the legendary right-hand break into beach, it is a great site to spend some time. Make sure you bring a well-stocked picnic basket.

The views to the south are also spectacular if you climb the steps to the top of the viewpoint. The picturesque, often windy, walk over the grassy clifftops down to Boulder Beach is a must-do from here, and if you have a couple of hours to spare, you can continue all the way to Ballina.

5. Captain Cook Lookout

Captain Cook Lookout is part of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area and is located near Clarkes Beach, a popular family beach. You’ll receive not just great views, but also access to a picnic area, restrooms, and plenty of parking. It’s a nice place to park, have a picnic lunch, and then stroll the 3.7-kilometer Cape Byron walking route.

You’ll enjoy views of the ocean below from the viewpoint, where you’ll most likely see dolphins and, if you’re there during the migration season, binoculars to identify whales.

From here, you can also view Julian Rocks, one of the greatest snorkelling places in Bryon Bay.

If you’ve already done the hike to the lighthouse at sunrise, come here to explore the rock and tidal pools at Clarkes Beach, which are ideal for kids.

Then proceed to the Captain Cook Lookout to relax and have a delicious picnic meal. Plus, you may snap as many images as you like to recall the magnificent surroundings!

6. Three Sisters Lookout

If you stay with us at Broken Head Holiday Park, you’ll be practically at the top of our list of the most spectacular lookouts.

The Three Sisters walking track is part of the Broken Head Nature Reserve and is an easy trip that concludes with this lovely overlook. You’ll enjoy walking through some jungle before being rewarded with a panoramic view of the coast, replete with beaches and rocky coves.

This overlook is great for birding, especially for white-bellied sea eagles, and throughout the winter and spring, you could even see a migrating whale.

Don’t miss out on an intriguing Aboriginal narrative that explains the location’s old name, Cocked Hat Rocks. National Parks and Wildlife Services and the Arakwal People co-manage the reserve.

7. Fishermans Lookout at The Pass

If you’re looking for a second magnificent outlook after being amazed by Cape Byron and Australia’s most easterly point, then take the coastal walk from the lighthouse towards Fisherman’s Lookout.

Beautiful views of the ocean and watching surfers hang ten at one of Byron Bay’s favourite surfing breaks, The Pass, await you here. In addition, several tourists reported seeing dolphins in the water below, so come prepared to capture plenty of shots!

Both the views back towards the lighthouse and the opposite direction are spectacular. This overlook at The Pass provides excellent views of the wonderful clean seas that Byron Bay has to offer. It’s also a great place to relax and watch the action below.

8. Razorback Lookout

Razorback Lookout, located 45 metres above sea level, provides views of the NSW North Coastline and Evans Head Township.

The overlook is wheelchair accessible and equipped with good BBQ and picnic facilities, public restrooms, and abundant parking spots, making it the ideal location to appreciate the scenic beauty of our magnificent region.

The newly fitted binoculars are ideal for seeing whales and the undulating hills of the hinterland.

A massive anchor with an interesting narrative dating back to the early 1900s can be found in the park, as well as a sculpture showing the Evans Head shoreline with information on the headland and traditional custodians.

9. Ballina Head Lookout

Lookout is certainly worth a visit. It has 180-degree views across the bar, out to sea, and north along the coast. There is plenty of parking and a pleasant promenade, cycleway below that continues from Lighthouse Beach north. We also went up the hill to the lighthouse from here.

10. Devines Hill

From South Golden Beach to Byron Bay, Devines Hill provides magnificent views. From the bottom of the slope to the overlook, there is a boardwalk.

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