Dalwood Falls, located inland from Ballina, NSW, appears to be more of a hidden gem. I drove 45 minutes from Byron Bay to find this spot and was definitely ready for a swim in the heat!

The trailhead for this waterfall is located on Dalwood Road in Dalwood, New South Wales. The trip out to the waterfall takes about twenty minutes from Ballina and is surrounded by lush hinterland and farmyard scenery all around. It’s a great day trip and a great way to avoid the big coastal towns when they’re overrun with people trying to cool off with a swim.

dalwood falls

The entrance you’ll see along Dalwood Road is a barricade with a sign that says ‘Do Not Enter.’ This sign is there for legal reasons because people have been injured or killed at the falls, most likely from cliff-jumping. The property owners still allow people to swim; just remember to read and follow the signs and avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

The base of the falls is only a ten-to-fifteen-minute walk from the blockade on Dalwood Road. You’ll notice the trail bends to the right; continue on and you’ll be able to take the small forks in the trail that lead to different points. One will take you to a point along Emu Creek.

One will take you to a point along Emu Creek, which supplies water to Dalwood Falls. Second, there is another trail that will take you to the top of the falls. A word of advice: it’s perfectly fine to take your time ascending to the base of the falls. It is quite steep and can be slippery, so proceed at your own pace.

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