Byron Bay is known for its beaches, yes but it also has amazing food. In this post, we will look at the best Japanese restaurants in Byron Bay. A holiday to Byron Bay can do many wonderful things for you. From the coast and its serene beaches to the stunning rolling hills and lush rainforest, Byron Bay delivers an incredible natural beauty that will stay with you long after your visit is over. What’s more, the food offers a range of different cuisines from all around the world, all of which are delicious.

Japanese food is a combination of both authentic traditional Japanese dishes and those adapted over the last few hundred years by immigrants. Here are some of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Byron Bay, all either easy-on-the-pocket or offer a great value for money. A trip to Byron Bay is not complete without at least one meal at one of these amazing Japanese restaurants.

Moonlight Hibachi Grill & Wine Bar

Moonlight is a contemporary Japanese hibachi grill and wine bar that can be found in Bay Lane. It was created by the same people that were responsible for Light Years.

Experience the intimate surroundings with a concentrated menu that showcases flavours from traditional Japanese cuisine reworked into unexpected and punchy dishes, whether you want a seat at the bar, in the dining room, or alfresco. They have many seating options available for you.

Because they are not the type of establishment to take criticism lying down, their drink menu features biodynamic wines selected in accordance with the lunar cycle, sake served both warm and chilled, a variety of Japanese whiskies, and an elevated cocktail list that pays homage to the time-honoured craft of Japanese cocktail making.

Dinner service is available here Wednesday through Sunday. Online booking is available for every reservation.


O-Sushi is busy 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. During the day, the crowd includes salty dogs fresh off the beach, a young family with discriminating kids enjoying little avocado sushi rolls, and nine-to-five workers ordering takeout lunch. At night, groups, couples, and families congregate at the restaurant to enjoy a peaceful, authentic Japanese dinner with a sushi train, all-day cooking, and bar options.

O-Sushi Byron Bay is in the business district. Hidden in the back of the grocery complex, the restaurant has outside seating for balmy evenings and indoor sitting around the sushi train for cooler nights.

O-Sushi Byron Bay’s menu is large. An all-day sushi train serves salmon nigiri, tuna sashimi, vegetarian maki, and red rice uramaki (sushi roll with rice on the outside). Vegetarian sushi rolls and biodynamic brown rice are available. O-sushi Sushi’s chefs have a casual Byron feel with bandanas, suntans, grins, and banter, unlike many metropolitan sushi restaurants.

Japonaise Kitchen

Byron Bay’s Japonaise Kitchen is themed like a quirky Japanese canteen with window seats, little booths and nooks, and footpath dining. High ceilings and faded Japanese posters decorate the walls. Over-the-counter racks display Japanese pickles, sake bottles, old accessories, and paper lanterns. There’s no sushi train, but there are some rapid takeout options. Your meals are created to order in the tiny kitchen in the back.

Japonaise Kitchen serves Main Meals, Ramen (egg noodle soup), Noodle Soup (buckwheat, soba wheat udon), and Curry, as well as lighter sharing options including Sushi & Sashimi, Gyoza, Tapas, Tempura, and their famous Japanese Hotdog.

Teriyaki Chicken and Chicken Katsu Don are popular entrees. The Ramen and Noodle Soups and Curries with coconut, quinoa, salad, rice, and miso soup are terrific warming meals. Vegetable, haloumi, chicken karaage, or katsu (crumbed).

The Sushi Menu features Hosomaki (popular sushi rolls and an inside-out version), hand-pressed Ngiri, my favourite giant Hand Rolls (with fresh tuna), and house custom rolls. Gyozas are fantastic as an appetiser or with Tapas. Tuna Karaage with homemade tartare is a great chicken substitute. Eggplant Miso Dengaku is grilled eggplant in thick miso, peanut, quinoa, and coconut sauce served with a crunchy salad.

The licenced Japonaise Kitchen in Byron Bay offers organic wine and soft drinks in addition to Japanese beers, sakés, whiskeys, and plum wine. It’s a pleasant way to experience well-known Japanese dishes prepared fresh to order and is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.


A classic Japanese Izakaya is Kura Byron Bay. An Izakaya is renowned for being a bar/restaurant serving top-notch fare and drinks. Their menu features a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives in addition to fresh local fish and other delicacies.

Traditional Sake, fruit wines, Japanese cocktails and whisky, beer, and soft drinks are all available on their broad drinks menu. A traditional Japanese storehouse known as a “kura” is used to keep and safeguard priceless objects.

Owner Yuki-san has artfully decorated the room with furnishings and design accents that combine elements of traditional house decor with the chic, modern vibe of an izakaya gallery.

Takeaway is also available so you can enjoy delicious wholesome food in the convenience of your home or vacation rental.

Bay Sushi

We wanted to sing the praises of the delectable Bay Sushi (in front of Woolis). They offer such a great range of tempuras, and for those who don’t like raw fish, they also have a variety of non-nori sushis that are delicious!! They have a variety of non-nori sushis that are delicious! There is a crab and lobster “pie” that they serve that is quite delicious! And at an unbelievably low price! It comes highly recommended!


At Kinoko, they are all about sharing theirr enthusiasm for cuisine and entertaining with the diverse clientele that they have. Their goal is to produce cuisine and an atmosphere that will contribute to the coming together of all of us.

Their goal is to always exceed your expectations by providing you with the freshest and tastiest meal in a fun, loving, and friendly environment. You can choose from a wide selection of handcrafted sushi plates as they travel around the train, or you can indulge in their talented chefs’ modern take on Japanese cuisine, which ranges from fun and fresh finger food to creative and nourishing main meals.

It is important for them to support the community by keeping their produce as local, fresh, and sustainable as possible; this is especially true when they are sourcing organic and hand-made ingredients from the very talented and passionate local suppliers who are proud of what they do and love what they do.

Their selection of suppliers, ingredients, and condiments, as well as the biodegradable and paper packaging they use, all show their commitment to upholding ethical and environmentally responsible business practises.

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