Killen Falls, surrounded by foliage that drapes itself over the damp rock walls, will make you feel as if you’re in your own hidden paradise as you listen to the crashing waterfall.

One of the last remaining remnants of the big scrub rainforest can be found at Killen Falls. The large scrub rainforest that once covered the Northern Rivers before the cedar-getters cleared the majority of it. Because it is significant to the region, it is critical that you respect the area and take your trash with you.

killen falls

one-kilometer return walk from the parking lot. The walk is a grade 3 bush walk, and prior bush walking experience is recommended due to the steepness of the track. Duration of visit: 1 hour, including picnic time.

Keep going, stay safe, and protect our rainforest.

Killen Falls Reserve is located on Killen Falls Drive in Tintenbar, New South Wales, approximately 20 minutes from Ballina and off Friday Hut Road.

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