Surfers know Lennox Head for its internationally famous right-hand point break, hang-gliders love it for the spectacular views from Pat Morton Lookout, and many generations of children will remember the tea tree freshwater lake that served as the foundation for so many activities at Lake Ainsworth’s famous fitness camps.

Add to it the fishing enthusiasts and Byron natives who frequently prefer Lennox to their own bustling town for a decent lunch or coffee (it’s only a 15-minute drive south), and you can understand why the locals adore the location.

Lennox Head

Lennox Head offers a fantastic seaside town vibe, with a main street full of boutiques, cafés, restaurants, a post office, and a large strip of the park facing the beach opposite, ideal for resting in the shade of the pandanus palms and eating fish and chips.

The settlement, named after the Dukes of Richmond and Lennox by Captain Rous in 1882, was founded for the timber and land, and dairying and cane cultivation soon followed. The population grew and the town prospered when the coastal route was cemented in the 1970s.

Lake Ainsworth is still highly popular, with great picnic facilities and boat rentals available, as well as being fantastic for sailing. The waters are said to have healing properties, and the location serves as the backdrop for the Lennox Head Markets, which sell anything from handicrafts to tropical fruit and vegetables.

Things to do in Lennox Head

Pat Morton Lookout

The Pat Morton Lookout, located on the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, has magnificent views north over the township and Seven Mile Beach, as well as south to Rocky Point, Boulder Beach, and Skenners Head. A lovely walking path with accessible boardwalks stretches from town, along the coastal reserve, and up the headland.

‘The Point,’ located below the headland, is a draw for discerning surfers. From May to October, it is often typical to observe dolphins and whales from the headland. The headland was formed by lava flows and was part of a massive volcano that spanned from the Gold Coast to Ballina and beyond. It was centred near Murwillumbah on Mount Warning.

Macadamia Castle

It is impossible to overlook. The massive knight and castle, which can be found at 1699 Pacific Highway, Knockrow (2 minutes from the Lennox Head exit), signal a modest theme park for children and families. Of course, hot macadamias and gourmet meals are available for purchase, but the major draws are the adventure treehouse, kangaroo feeding and rabbit petting, mini golf, train ride, and local birds and reptiles. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and admission is free.

Cape Byron Marine Park

The Cape Byron Marine Park stretches from Brunswick Heads in the north to Lennox Head in the south and encompasses both coastal near-shore waters and tidal waters of estuaries and streams in the region.

Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth, located at the northern end of Pacific Parade, is a freshwater lake with a characteristic brown, tannic colour generated by tea plants that flank the shore. It provides a tranquil freshwater escape for families, with a spacious picnic space at the southern end. It’s fantastic for sailing, swimming, and picnics. The lake’s dark colour is caused by staining caused by the tea plants that grow along the coastline, rather than dirtiness.

The Coastal Walk

From the Pat Morton Lookout in Lennox, there is a beautiful 3.5-hour trek. Drive by rugged headlands and stunning beaches on your way to Ballina.

Lennox Head Beaches

Seven Mile Beach and Lennox Point

Seven Mile Beach at Lennox Head (patrolled throughout the summer months) is well-known for its right-hand break near Lennox Point. “The Lennox Head point break is lovely to look at but strong, and to ride it you need to find space amid dozens of red-hot local surfers, so it’s not the spot for beginners,” according to the great Australia’s Surfing Coast website.

It breaks into sand, however there are some smooth round boulders to scramble over. Meanwhile, the “Magic Miles” between Lennox Head and Ballina provide a combination of beach breaks and reefs that operate in all wind and wave directions.

The only time there are no waves on the Magic Miles is when there is no swell. In February 2007, Lennox Head was designated as a National Surfing Reserve, making it the third site in Australia to be recognised for its significance to recreational surfing. It is Australia’s biggest National Surfing Reserve, stretching 7.2 kilometres from the Surf Club south to Flat Rock.”

Lennox Head Restaurants

Williams St Kitchen & Bar

Located in the beachside town of Lennox Head, Williams Street offers delicious all-day Breakfast and Lunch 7 days a week. Open for Dinner Thursday to Sunday.


Nestled in the centre of the sleepy surf town Lennox Head, Shortys brings a relaxed intimate vibe. Enjoy an afternoon of delicious cocktails or try our wide range of tapas. Oh and we have plenty of local beer and wine too!

Mr Tipsy’s

Mr Tipsy’s is the newest spot in Lennox Head for good food, delicious cocktails, and fun times. A mouth watering menu features comfort food from across Asia.

Quattro Classic Lennox Head

Award winning wood fired pizzas, fresh local seafood steak and all delicious bits in between! Washed down with a thoughtful selection of wines beers and cocktails.

Lennox Head Pubs

The Lennox Hotel

The Lennox Hotel is situated in the perfect beach location, where friendly locals and carefree holidaymakers mix together enjoying a classic seaside pub atmosphere. Sip an ice-cold beer and enjoy a bistro meal in the historic main bar or relax on the balcony at the Beef and Beach restaurant while soaking up the amazing views of Seven Mile Beach.

Whether you want to listen to live music or enjoy first-class cuisine on the balcony, The Lennox Hotel has something for everyone.

Lennox Head Cafes

Penny Lane Lennox

With a shared love for warm hospitality and good coffee, mother/daughter duo Marie and Gyan opened Penny Lane Lennox in 2018. Inspired by the abundance of local produce and sense of community in Northern NSW the two have gone on the create a relaxed, comforting atmosphere akin to their own living room. Today, Penny Lane continues to serve up the goods with a fresh all day menu, specialty coffee and Marie’s famous baked goodies.


A boutique smoothie and salad bar in Lennox Village that provide fresh, healthy and creative catering. From delicious rice paper rolls, to exotic salad boxes and more.

Shelter Lennox

Shelter Lennox is a full service beachside restaurant in Lennox Head. We offer corporate functions, private events and wedding receptions.

Ballina, Alstonville, Tintenbar, Newrybar, East Ballina, Suffolk Park

The distance between Byron Bay and Lennox Head is 19 minutes. The road distance is 18.1 km.

Lennox Head, located on the North Coast of New South Wales, is a lovely beach hamlet for a laid-back holiday. It is only a 15-minute drive south of Byron Bay. It has world-class surf breaks, gorgeous beaches, quiet lakes, cafés, restaurants, and a traditional waterside bar.

Lennox Head is a fantastic area to live. Great beaches with a plethora of excellent surfing opportunities. Lake Ainsworth, a picturesque tea tree lake, is also ideal for swimming and water sports. The people in the community are quite kind and inviting.

Lennox Heads is a charming tiny centre neighbourhood with excellent shops and eateries. I definitely recommend going for a day and stopping in a cafe for a Barista coffee and a brownie. Everyone is friendly, and it’s a great peaceful place to visit.

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