Lennox Head Beach is around 20 minutes by car south of Byron Bay or 15 minutes north of Ballina.

Lennox Head Beach is the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, a vast unprotected beach that spans north from Lennox Head’s The Point all the way to Broken Head. As an aside, Seven Mile Beach is actually little under five and a half miles (8.5km) long, and while it is unpatrolled north of the surf club, it does turn dog-friendly for a length (see photo of notice for specifics) and is a perfect strolling beach.

Lennox Head Beach

The Surf Club is located near Lake Ainsworth and the Lake Ainsworth Holiday Park at the northern end of Lennox Village. The Lennox Head-Alstonville Surf Life Saving Club patrols the stretch of this beach in front of the surf club throughout the summer; the dates and times are listed in the lifeguard services guide. There are also public restrooms, showers, and a convenient club tuck shop selling hot and cold drinks and delectable snacks.

In February 2007, Lennox Head became the third and largest surfing venue in Australia to be recognised. National Surfing Reserve stretches from the Surf Club south to Flat Rock Beach, and is recognised for its environmental, cultural, and historical value to Australian surfing. The Reserve is home to four major surf breaks, the most well-known, filmed, and photographed of which is, of course, Lennox Point. Definitely not a beginner’s place, it’s a packed wave at best, but the vistas from the headland are breathtaking, leaving little doubt about its Reserve status.


Can you swim at Lennox Heads?

Yes, you can swim at Lennox Heads beach, but bear in mind to take precaution in open waters. Always choose to swim where there are lifeguards patrolling the area.

Swim in the patrolled area and between the flags due to the numerous rips. In the south, the coffeerock reduces the energy of the waves that reach the shore, resulting in a low energy reflective beach fronted by a coffeerock ‘lagoon’ with larger waves crashing on the coffeerock’s seaward edge.

How long is Lennox Beach?

Seven Mile Beach (NSW 21) is actually just 8.5 kilometres (5.3 miles) long, and while beach is eroding at the southern end, it has not lost two miles since its name. This is an unique beach that stretches south from the rain forest-covered Jews Head, backed by the 2 km wide undeveloped Newrybo Swamp and freshwater Lake Ainsworth, both of which are part of a low Pleistocene barrier system.

Can you drive 4WD on 7 Mile Beach?

Camp Drewe Road provides access for 4WD vehicles to Seven Mile Beach in Lennox Head. A beach access permit must be purchased before driving your 4WD onto Seven Mile Beach.

A beach access permit can be purchased at the automated kiosk along Camp Drewe Road (payment by card only).

2022/23 fees:

  • 1 day permit $22
  • 30 day permit $58
  • 6 month permit $80
  • Annual Permit $138

Can you fish at Lennox Head?

Anglers can wade out from Seven Mile Beach’s southern end across the reef of exposed black rock to catch bream, mackerel, snapper, and the rare large jewfish. For the more daring (or foolish), there is a place known as ‘The Spike’ just south of Lennox, near shag rock.

Is Lennox Head good for surfing?

A perennial top ten surf beach in Australia. Because it is powerful and can be crowded with top-tier local surfers, the right-hand point break is not a suitable spot to learn to surf. If this isn’t your first time on the water, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the famed waves.

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