Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is a hidden gem located in the heart of Lennox Head, New South Wales. This beachside restaurant and bar offer an extensive menu of delicious food options that cater to all tastes and preferences. From fresh seafood to hearty burgers, Mr Tipsy Lennox Head has something for everyone.

But it’s not just the food that makes Mr Tipsy Lennox Head stand out. The restaurant is also known for its creative cocktails, with a variety of unique and refreshing options available. Whether you’re looking for a classic cocktail or something more adventurous, Mr Tipsy Lennox Head has got you covered.

One of the best things about Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is its prime location right by the beach. You can enjoy your meal or drink while taking in the stunning views of Lennox Head. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make this restaurant a must-visit destination for anyone looking for great food and drinks in a beautiful beachside setting.

Discover Mr Tipsy's: Lennox Head's Best Asian Fusion Restaurant

About Mr Tipsy Lennox Head: Location, Ambience, and Menu


Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is situated in the heart of the charming coastal village of Lennox Head in New South Wales, Australia. The restaurant’s prime location makes it easily accessible to both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is the perfect spot.


The relaxed and inviting ambience of Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is one of its most notable features. The spacious outdoor seating area provides the perfect setting for enjoying the beautiful coastal weather while indulging in delicious food and drinks. The decor inside is equally impressive with its modern yet cozy feel that creates an ambiance that is both elegant and comfortable.


The menu at Mr Tipsy Lennox Head offers a range of delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, including fresh seafood and seasonal produce. From classic Australian dishes like fish and chips to international favorites like tacos, there’s something for everyone on the menu.


To start off your meal at Mr Tipsy Lennox Head, try their famous oysters served with lemon wedges or opt for something more substantial like their crispy calamari served with aioli sauce. For those who prefer vegetarian options, there are plenty of choices such as grilled halloumi cheese or roasted beetroot salad.


For mains, seafood lovers will be spoilt for choice with options such as grilled barramundi or prawn linguine pasta. Meat eaters can indulge in juicy burgers or slow-cooked lamb shanks while vegetarians can savor dishes like mushroom risotto or pumpkin gnocchi.


No meal is complete without dessert! At Mr Tipsy Lennox Head, you can indulge in sweet treats such as sticky date pudding or chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream. For those who prefer lighter options, there are fruit platters available too!


Mr Tipsy Lennox Head has an extensive beverage menu that includes a wide range of beers, wines, cocktails, and mocktails. Their signature cocktails are a must-try, with options like the Tipsy Margarita or the Passionfruit Martini.

Local Ingredients

One of the unique features of Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is their commitment to sourcing ingredients locally. This not only ensures that the food is fresh but also supports local farmers and producers. The restaurant’s dedication to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients is evident in every dish on the menu.

Mr Tipsy Lennox Head has received rave reviews from both locals and tourists alike. Many customers have praised the restaurant for its delicious food, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere. One customer wrote, “The seafood linguine was amazing! The flavors were so fresh and perfectly balanced.” Another reviewer commented, “The outdoor seating area is perfect for enjoying a meal with friends while taking in the beautiful coastal views.”

Delivery and Takeout Options at Mr Tipsy’s: Order Online or Over the Phone

Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a great selection of drinks and meals. One of the best things about Mr Tipsy is that they offer delivery and takeout options, making it easy for customers to enjoy their food and drinks from the comfort of their own home. In this section, we’ll explore the different ways you can order from Mr Tipsy, as well as what you can expect from their menu.

Ordering Online

One of the most convenient ways to order from Mr Tipsy is through their online ordering system. This allows customers to browse through their menu at their leisure, select the items they want, and pay securely online. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an estimated delivery time so you know when to expect your food or drinks.

Ordering over the Phone

If you prefer to speak with someone directly when placing your order, Mr Tipsy also offers phone ordering. Simply give them a call during business hours and one of their friendly staff members will be happy to assist you in placing your order. This option is especially useful if you have any special requests or questions about the menu items.

Menu Selections

There are plenty of options available for both food and drinks. For those looking for a meal, there are classic pub favorites like burgers and fish & chips, as well as more unique options like Korean fried chicken wings or pulled pork tacos. Vegetarians will also find plenty of options on the menu such as roasted pumpkin salad or crispy tofu bites.

In terms of drinks, Mr Tipsy has an extensive selection of beers on tap including local craft brews as well as international favorites. They also have a great wine list featuring both Australian and international wines by the glass or bottle. If cocktails are more your style, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from including classic cocktails like a margarita or negroni, as well as signature drinks like the Tipsy Espresso Martini.

Great Service

One thing that sets Mr Tipsy apart from other restaurants and bars in the area is their commitment to providing great service. Whether you’re dining in or getting delivery, their staff members are always friendly and attentive, making sure that every customer has a pleasant experience. This dedication to service has earned them a loyal following of customers who appreciate the extra effort put into making their visit enjoyable.

Good Quality Food and Drinks

Of course, great service is only part of what makes Mr Tipsy such a popular spot. The quality of their food and drinks is also excellent, with everything made fresh using high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re ordering takeout or dining in, you can expect your meal to be delicious and satisfying. And with so many options on the menu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Exclusive Menu Items

Finally, it’s worth noting that Mr Tipsy also offers exclusive items on their menu that you won’t find anywhere else. These unique dishes and drinks are created by their talented chefs and bartenders and are designed to give customers a truly special dining experience. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting to try, be sure to check out the exclusive items on the menu.

Booking and Rating Information for Mr Tipsy’s: Opentable, TripAdvisor, and More

Now that you know all about the location, ambience, and menu at Mr Tipsy Lennox Head, it’s time to talk about booking a table and checking out reviews from other diners. Luckily, there are plenty of options available to make your experience at Mr Tipsy’s as smooth as possible.

One popular choice for booking a table is through Opentable. This online reservation system allows you to easily select the date and time you want to dine at Mr Tipsy’s, as well as specify any dietary restrictions or special requests. Plus, with over 60 million diners using Opentable each month, you can trust that it’s a reliable option.

But what if you’re looking for more information before making a reservation? That’s where review sites like TripAdvisor come in handy. With over 900 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, it’s clear that Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Many reviewers rave about the fusion cuisine on offer at Mr Tipsy’s, which combines flavors from around the world in unique and delicious ways. Others praise the friendly staff who go above and beyond to make sure every guest has a great experience.

One reviewer even reported bringing their friends to Mr Tipsy’s for dinner after reading such positive reviews online – and they were not disappointed! The food was “a bit expensive,” they noted in their report, but worth every penny for the quality ingredients used in each dish.

Of course, not every review is glowing – but even negative feedback can be helpful when deciding whether or not to dine at a particular restaurant. One reviewer noted that their table was not ready on time despite having made a reservation through Opentable – so it may be worth calling ahead just to confirm your booking.

Overall though, it seems that Mr Tipsy Lennox Head is a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere. So why not book a table through Opentable or drop by for takeout or delivery? You won’t be disappointed!

Dining Options Near Mr Tipsy’s: Beach Grill Cafe, Salt Bar, and Lennox Smokin Barrel

Beach Grill Cafe: A Beachside Dining Experience

If you’re looking for a casual dining experience with fresh seafood options, burgers, and salads, all served in a beachside setting, then Beach Grill Cafe is the perfect spot for you. Located just a stone’s throw away from Mr Tipsy’s in Lennox Head, this restaurant offers a diverse dinner menu that caters to all tastes.

One of the standout dishes at Beach Grill Cafe is their grilled fish of the day. This dish features locally sourced fish that is cooked to perfection and served with a side of chips and salad. If you’re not in the mood for seafood, they also have an excellent selection of burgers on offer. Their classic beef burger is always a crowd-pleaser, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try their lamb burger or veggie burger.

In addition to their main courses, Beach Grill Cafe also has an impressive range of sides and starters. Their garlic prawns are particularly popular among diners who love seafood. The prawns are cooked in garlic butter and served with crusty bread – it’s hard to resist!

Salt Bar: A Popular Dinner Spot

Another great option near Mr Tipsy’s is Salt Bar. This restaurant has quickly become one of the most popular dinner spots in Lennox Head thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and extensive menu.

The menu at Salt Bar features pub-style favorites like burgers and pizzas, as well as more refined options like grilled salmon and slow-cooked lamb shanks. One dish that stands out from the rest is their signature salt & pepper squid. This dish features tender pieces of squid that are lightly battered and fried until crispy – it’s no wonder why it’s so popular!

If you’re looking for something hearty to fill you up after a long day at the beach, try their slow-cooked beef brisket or pork ribs. These dishes are cooked low and slow until they fall off the bone and are served with a side of chips and salad.

Lennox Smokin Barrel: A Tex-Mex Twist

For those looking for a hearty dinner with a Tex-Mex twist, Lennox Smokin Barrel is the perfect choice. This restaurant offers a fun and lively atmosphere that’s perfect for groups or families.

Their menu features dishes like smoked brisket, pulled pork tacos, and loaded nachos – all of which are sure to satisfy your cravings. If you’re not in the mood for meat, they also have an excellent selection of vegetarian options, including their roasted vegetable enchiladas.

One dish that stands out from the rest is their famous “Big Ass Burrito”. This massive burrito is filled with your choice of meat (or veggies), rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa – it’s definitely not for the faint of heart!

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