Sunrise in Byron Bay is one of the most magical experiences you could imagine. So making the effort to get up early and observe the dawn is always a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Those that go to Byron Bay surely get to see some of the most well-liked areas in all of Australia to greet a new day, and this is without a doubt the case.

However, what time exactly does sunrise occur in Byron Bay? If you do a fast search online, you should be able to find out the precise time for any day, but if you want to take a gamble, you may guess that it will be between 5 and 6 in the morning. Put your alarm clock on, prepare your clothing for the morning, and make sure you get a full night’s rest because there are a number of wonderful places to see the dawn that you should explore. To get the specific time check out the actual sunrise for your date.

Check out these magnificent locations if you’ve got a whole week to spare (and a lot of energy first thing in the morning). However, we assure you that the vistas will be well worth the effort.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

If we’re going to discuss the greatest spot in Byron Bay to observe sunrise, we should mention Cape Byron Lighthouse. Since this lighthouse marks Australia’s most easterly point, there really isn’t somewhere else where you can get unbroken views of the sun rising over the water. The renowned Cape Byron Lighthouse serves as the ideal backdrop for a traditional first-light photograph, and sheer coastal cliffs provide 360-degree vistas of the Byron region.

It’s simple to get to Cape Byron Lighthouse; you may either drive there on your own or participate in the early-morning crowd on the Byron Bay lighthouse walk just before sunrise. To rise in the dead of night and make your way through the Cape’s incline slopes is no little task. However, the struggle of an early-morning alarm will vanish as you catch a sight of that stunning orange hue on the horizon.

Pat Morton Lookout – Lennox Head

Pat Morton Lookout has one of the most breathtaking views to watch sunrise along the coast, and it is one of the greatest places to visit if you want to be reminded of how enchanted the Northern Rivers region is. The lookout is located on the highest point of Lennox Point, about a five-minute drive from Lennox Head or a half-hour walk down the coastal boardwalk. It provides seats and a grassy area with picturesque views across the hamlet and up Seven Mile Beach.

It is a magnificent place to spend some time because there are hang gliders flying overhead, the sun is glistening on the water, whales (from May to October) and dolphins are breaking the surface, and surfers are riding the famous right-hand break into shore. If you want to stay for a while, this is the place to go. A word of advice: make sure to bring along an adequately filled picnic basket.

If you climb the stairs to the top of the lookout, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas in the opposite direction, to the south. From here, you must take the breathtaking stroll down the grassy clifftops all the way down to Boulder Beach. If you have a few of extra hours to spare, you may keep going all the way to Ballina as well.

Wategos Beach

While elevated vantage points provide for an excellent place to see the sunrise at Byron Bay, the view from the ground is equally breathtaking. Wategos Beach is a popular coastline site if you want to see the sunrise from the water.

Families and travellers enjoy the 600-meter-long, curved stretch of peaceful, protected sand known as Wategos. You’d be forgiven for assuming that Wategos, which is reachable from the Cape via one of the Byron Bay walking trails, would be a crowded gathering spot for sunrise seekers. But there are typically only a small number of people there, and it is actually much peaceful than the neighbouring lighthouse.

Bring a blanket, a thermos of hot tea or coffee, and sit down in the sand to watch as a new day emerges to get the most out of this charming little Byron Bay sunrise point. If you want a soothing experience, it is essential and well worth getting up early for.

Minyon Falls Lookout

One of the best views for sunrise in the Byron region can be found from the Minyon Falls overlook. On a clear day, you could get lucky and be able to view all the way to the shore from the lookout platform, in addition to the falls and the valley below.

Enjoy the sounds of the local fauna, the tranquil atmosphere, and the breathtaking natural surroundings as you watch the cascades pour over Minyon Falls and descend to a deep gorge shaded by palm trees around 100 metres below. Australian eucalypts like blackbutt and scribbly gum cover the tops of the cliffs, and a lovely pool at the base of the falls is the perfect location to unwind and cool off.

Minyon Falls is a fantastic place for a fast visit, but if you want to stay longer, there is a picnic area with lots of shady trees and picnic tables. A few bushwalks also depart from the picnic area, including the Minyon Falls walking route, which descends to the base of the falls, and the Boggy Creek walk, which goes to Rummery Park campground.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Although Byron is known for its stunning beaches, lookouts, and lighthouses, we believe that this is one that you will most likely remember for the rest of your life. Hot air ballooning has had to be the most amazing Byron Bay sunrise experience, so get ready to soar. Although relaxing on the beach or climbing a mountain to see the sunrise are equally worthwhile activities, there’s just something special about a hot air balloon, you know? Try it out and while the rest of the world is still waking up, you’ll find yourself flying high above the ground.

BOOK – Hot Air Balloon Flight over Byron Bay (Weekday) – $309

BOOK – Hot Air Balloon Flight over Byron Bay (Weekend) – $339

A sunrise flight above Byron, which is known as Australia’s ballooning paradise, begins at 5:00am and departs at 6:00am (good weather permitting). With a champagne glass in your hand, you’ll float serenely over the most scenic parts of the area once you’re in the air. The coastline of Byron, the hills in the interior, and the volcano caldera encircling Mount Warning are all best viewed from the sky. You will be in the centre of the sun’s spectacular light show the entire time.

Fishermans Lookout

Fisherman’s Lookout is a fantastic option in Byron Bay around sunrise time because it offers expansive views that extend east out across The Pass, one of the busiest surf breaks in the area, Main Beach, and the larger township. Additionally, the view in the other direction isn’t too bad either. Additionally, the timber viewing platform is ideally situated to see the sunrise over Cape Byron Lighthouse.

This Byron Bay viewpoint is a photographer’s paradise with such beautiful views! Bring your photographic equipment, a tripod, and your largest zoom lens so you can capture the dolphins and whales passing by in the best possible light. It’s also important to note that because of its close vicinity to the well-known surf location, Fisherman’s Lookout occasionally goes by the name The Pass Lookout.

Belongil Estuary

Watch the dawn from the Belongil Estuary as you greet the morning sun with a few feathered companions. Saltmarsh, mangroves, and sand dunes make up this protected nature reserve, which combined provide a rich, diversified environment. It’s amazing to think that it is only a 2.5-kilometer walk from the centre of Byron.

In addition to the tiny tern, which is one of the many threatened or endangered plant and bird species that call the estuary home, keen bird watchers will also want to keep an eye out for osprey, egrets, cormorants, and sacred kingfishers, all of which are particularly active in the morning.

One of the most romantic walks in Byron Bay is the beach route back to town after finishing at the estuary. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful, back-to-nature experience after sunrise, the Belongil Estuary more than meets your expectations.

Paterson Hill Lookout

Here’s another lookout that, amusingly, goes by two different names. Although this dawn location was officially renamed “Eric Wright Lookout” in 2002 in honour of the local Byron historian Eric Wright, it is still rather usual to hear people refer to it by its old name, Paterson Hill Lookout.

Whatever you choose to call it, it’s undeniably a great spot to see the sun rise. The hill, which lies on Paterson Street, provides views of the Cape Byron Lighthouse, Tallows Beach, Broken Head, and Arakawal National Park. You can even see Mount Warning, which is noticeable due to its distinctly crooked peak, if it’s a clear day.

Additionally, if you look closely, you’ll see a plaque installed in Eric Wright’s honour. Any visitor to the region is guaranteed to be grateful that he prevented Paterson Hill from becoming a residential area. How about a little historical context with your sunrise?

St Helenas Lookout

One of the nicest views of Byron and the surrounding area comes from St. Helena. After stopping to snap pictures of the breathtaking scenery, you will probably end up spentding a lot longer than you had anticipated hanging out with the cows. They are quite amiable!

Now that you’ve got your sunrises in, check out these epic Sunset locations in Byron Bay.

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