You may go for a paddle in Cosy Corner, which is shielded from northerly winds if you’re a mad-keen experienced surfer or a strong swimmer. Tallow Beach is best suited to experienced swimmers, who congregate in one of three monitored areas.

tallow beach byron bay

Cosy Corner, Suffolk Park, or Broken Head, are lovely and protected when the wind blows from the north. Clifford Street in Suffolk Park provides access to the beach. If you can walk the seven kilometres to Broken Head Beach, you may do what the local naturalists do and strip off on the ‘clothes-optional’ beach.


How do you get to Tallow Beach?

The beach is accessible from the Cape Byron State Conservation Spot’s Cosy Corner picnic area. To get there, take Lawson Street east for about 2 kilometres from the Byron Bay town centre. Turn right onto Tallow Beach Road when Lawson Street becomes Lighthouse Road and continue to the end.

Why is it called Tallow Beach?

The 100-tonne schooner Volunteer was wrecked on the coast that year, killing everyone on board. Its cargo of tallow (rendered animal fat used at the time to produce soap, candles, and lubricants) washed ashore on the beach, giving rise to the name Tallow Beach.

Can you swim at Tallows Beach?

Tallow Beach is located 3.2 kilometres from the core of Byron Bay and is ideal for swimming, birding, whale watching, beach fishing, and simply laying on a towel to soak up the sun. The weather in this location may be intense and unexpected, so please be prepared for your stay.

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