The Pass is a point break that connects Clarkes Beach to Wategos Beach. Climb to Fisherman’s Lookout for a bird’s-eye view of the line-up and everyone fighting for a turn on this excellent right-hander.

the pass - byron bay beaches

When there is a swell, the wave draws a mix of soul surfers (long-boarders) and amateurs and is best left to the pros. The good news is that it’s a big break with plenty of sand along the beach. Only a few months of the year are lifesavers on patrol at the Pass. Find a lovely shaded spot to flop, drop, and swim between the flags.


Can you swim at the Pass?

Wide stretches of white sand and long, clean waves beckon you to swim or stroll along the gently curving beach towards the Cape. The Pass is a well-known surf beach that may be dangerous when the swell is large. Swim between the flags and leave the huge waves to the pros, like always.

Is the Pass Byron bay dog friendly?

The off-leash area of this beach begins just north of the Surf Club, near to Lake Ainsworth, and stretches to the very far end of the beach. To get to the off-leash beach zone, take the access way immediately north of the Surf Club, which requires dogs to be on a leash.

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