Even though Byron Bay is known for its dazzling views of blue skies and surfers bobbing in peaceful turquoise waves under the sun, the town is nonetheless susceptible to having rainy days on occasion. So we have put together a list of ideas of things to do in Byron Bay when it’s raining. Some are great for just adults and others are suitable for families with kids.

Consider yourself to be on the right page if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in Byron Bay on a rainy day and are curious about the activities that would be most enjoyable to participate in during such a time. The members of our team have recommended the following 16 locations to us as their top choices for spending a wet day in Byron, and we have listed them all below. And let’s just say that this is such a great list that you’ll want to keep it bookmarked long after the clouds have parted and the sun has returned.

Indulge at a day spa

Who doesn’t like getting pampered at the spa especially when it raining hey? Thankfully, the Byron Shire is home to some of the most incredible wellness facilities in the world. The top day spas in Byron Bay are listed below.

Given its stunning coastline, lush hinterland, organic presence, and laid-back culture, it’s no surprise that Byron Bay features some of the East Coast’s greatest spas, healing retreats, and beauty facilities.

Spa and wellness

The scenic scenery in the area and the town’s well-known laid-back atmosphere have given rise to a number of new age health conscious businesses that address all facets of mental and physical wellbeing.

Submit to the joy of some of the city’s best retreats that will revitalise both your body and soul, whether you want to re-energize with a fitness boost, rejuvenate with a detox and spa retreat, or relax with a wellness retreat.

Check out the best spas in Byron Bay here

Go to the Movies – Palace Cinemas or Brunswick Picture House

No matter where you are, going to the movies on a rainy day is a smart idea. how about Byron? Your movie-going experience has a distinctively Byron flavour. Whether you prefer blockbusters, art houses, or Australian and international film festivals, the Palace Cinema is the place to go. Additionally, each of their movie theatres is completely licenced, allowing you to enjoy the specially selected drink menu (which includes local Byron beers, wines, cocktails, and aperol spritz) and bring it into the theatre with you.

The Brunswick Picture House is another option for something a little unusual. A vivid and captivating mashup of film, circus, cabaret, music, and family-friendly entertainment has been made possible by the famous building’s restoration.

They have made the Brunswick Picture House a recognised icon in the area where residents may congregate, find inspiration, engage in gossip, have fun, and relax. The Brunswick Picture House is returned, redesigned and better than before, with the goal of restoring the enjoyment of seeing a play or going to the movies.

Go to a local Brewery

Craft beer’s success is largely due to its independence, top-notch ingredients, and supportive community. Since Stone & Wood opened Byron Bay’s first brewery in 2008, the area has become home to a number of craft beer makers.

Each of our local breweries offers a variety of distinctive beers that you can visit, sample, and learn more about.

Earth Beer Company
Tucked away in the gorgeous hinterland of Northern New South Wales. Our privately owned brewery is located on a working 25-acre avo farm just west of the coastal town of Kingscliff. It is housed in a converted industrial packing building.

Pickled Pig Brewery
A small-batch, locally owned and operated artisan brewery in Tweed Heads South. We take great delight in being able to provide a wide range of high-quality, chemical- and preservative-free beer and cider varieties using as many organic ingredients as we can.

Seven Mile Brewing Co.
A family-run artisan brewery located in Ballina, New South Wales. To create our fresh beer every day, we work with nearby grain farmers. All organic plant waste is fed to the nearby beef and pork stocks. Our goal is to establish a renowned and sustainable brewery for the enjoyment and celebration of the neighbourhood.

Stone & Wood
Stone & Wood, a locally owned and operated brewery in the Northern Rivers that produces approachable beer, was founded and raised in Byron Bay. We aim to run a responsible business and give back to our community, inspired by the concept of the “village brewery.”

Wandana Brewing Co
The picturesque Northern Rivers of New South Wales, in the hinterland of Byron Bay, are where we make our small-batch brews. We only employ the best ingredients, and we uniquely ferment our beers to the sounds of music. For yeast that is joyful and soul-singing beers.

When in Byron do Yoga

Given that Byron Bay is a haven for health and wellness, it should come as no surprise that our corner of the globe offers some of the best Pilates and Yoga studio experiences in the nation.

The era of musty rooms, poor lighting, and worn-out decor is over. Modern boutique studios provide sessions that are demanding, pleasant, and downright addicting in elegantly designed settings.
The only research you need to do is in the studio itself because we’ve compiled our top options!

Check out more Yoga Options

Get your nails done Ladies

Byron Bay has some nails salon that offer high-end manicure colours, creative nail art that even the most eccentric person would like, and at-home beauty treatments. Forget endlessly scrolling through Google and running the chance of getting a mediocre nail service. Continue reading for our top recommendations if you’re looking for a reputable nail salon in Byron Bay!

Although there are many nail salons in Byron, they think there is a big difference between a decent and a great nail experience. But you question, what distinguishes a shop as Byron Bay’s top nail salon? As proof that this is not something, you want to get wrong, trust us when we say they have a tonne of terrible stories to tell you.

Check out some of the best nail salons in Byron

Nail Salon in Byron Bay

Go to one of the amazing Restaurants

It goes without saying that Byron’s vast offering of delectable eateries, both cafés and restaurants, is one of the town’s most appealing features. And the rainy season provides the perfect opportunity to sample each and every one of them. Check out our list of the eight greatest cafes, restaurants, and bars in Byron Bay, as well as our favourite vegan food findings, to get you started on your search for the best places to eat in the area. Although we could write an entire essay on our favourite places to get vegan food, we won’t.

But you can check them out recommended best restaurants here.

Chill and do some Reading at The Book Room At Byron

The Northern Rivers region’s The Book Room Collective is a collection of independently run, locally owned bookstores with locations in Byron and Lennox Head.

We want to be the bookstore where you can discover that unique book. The stores have been thoughtfully chosen to provide every possibility for exploration and discovery.

The staff members are all enthusiastic readers eager to discuss anything book-related, assist you in finding the ideal book, suggest a variety of intriguing possibilities to think about, and/or simply share the love of reading literature.

The Book Room Collective is honoured to serve as the official bookstore for the Byron Bay Writers Festival and is a proud sponsor of the BBWF.

Go Shopping!

Enter: the ideal thing to do on a wet and gloomy day. The unique, bohemian-inspired, artistic, and wacky boutiques of Byron Bay are an essential element of the town’s charm and an absolute must! Be sure to stop by the local markets and the Industrial Estate in addition to simply wandering and winding your way through the streets.

Byron Bay Shops

Check out the best of Byron Shopping

Go and visit one of Byron’s Amazing Neighbouring Towns

We would understand if during your vacation you decided that you did not want to venture outside of the central area of Byron Bay at all. However it’s raining, so why not? We strongly advise that you rent a car and take a tour of the surrounding communities. Some are a dream come true for people who love nature, while others are a foodie’s heaven. However, at the heart of each one is a special allure that you must learn to appreciate. Check out our town guides here.


Get a raincoat and check out one of the amazing Waterfalls (the best time to go)

Among the most stunning waterfalls in New South Wales are those around Byron Bay and guess what? They are in their finest form when the rain is coming down. There is also a broad variety of waterfalls, including those that drop 100 metres over cliff edges, jump-off points, and swimming holes with simple access. In other words, whether you want to swim or just observe them, there is something for everyone. You can even visit one at night, and we promise it will leave you speechless.

Check out our best waterfalls here

byron bay waterfalls

Drive out to the majestic Eltham Pub

This quaint rural bar can be reached by taking a lovely drive through the countryside and is only 15 minutes from both Lismore and Bangalow. Up to eighty people are able to enjoy live music while dining on a variety of creative dishes inspired by Australian cuisine and pizzas cooked in wood-burning ovens in the cosy dining room, the intimate dining room, or the enormous outside undercover area, respectively.

The hotel building itself was constructed in 1902, when the town was still a bustling railway community. Since then, it has developed into a well-liked gathering spot for locals.

Eltham Hotel

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