Byron Bay Tours & Experiences

Whether you want to go on a river cruise, visit the locals breweries or go on a nature day tour.
Byron Bay has variety of options and prices for every budget so whether you’re after a small-group experience or something more exclusive.

Water based experiences & tours

No trip to Byron Bay is complete without enjoying something in the water. Whether you want to ride the waves, go on a relaxing river cruise or look below the water and snorkel or scuba. We have you covered.

Flying experiences & tours

This one is for the thrill seekers. Jump out of a place and see Byron Bay from another angle. Or hot air balloon for a rather chilled experience. Either way you’re way up there and experiencing Byron from the top.

Spa and wellness

Whether you’re keen for a guided hike through a rainforest to see the amazing waterfalls or go kayaking with the dolphins we have all the nature based experiences here.

Wine and Dine Tours

Byron Bay has some amazing breweries and distilleries which have produced some of Australia’s fines ales and liquor. Oh and some of the most amazing food. Check out the range of tours touring some of our finest food and beverage tours.

Walking & Hiking Tours

The northern rivers regions has some amazing guided hiking and walking tours. See all the amazing sights while getting some k’s in the legs as you enjoy some of Australia’s finest.