Technically there is no train that goes directly to Byron Bay from Sydney. That being said you can take a train from Sydney to Casino Station which is around 45 minutes away from Byron Bay by Bus.

Feel free to take the train from Casino Station to Central Station in Sydney because it is a safe and comfortable mode of transportation. The length of the train that links the two cities is approximately 890kms (549 miles.) The trip will take you a total of around 14 hours.

Can you catch a train from Sydney to Byron Bay?

For the particular route that was chosen, the typical cost of a train ticket was $20 AUD ($23 USD). It is recommended to purchase train tickets in advance because the price of tickets increases with time. Twenty dollars (USD) is the lowest possible price for the destination that you have chosen. The train will be stopping at 22 different stations along the route.

Note that from Casino Station there is a regular service from Casino into Byron central for the cost of around $5 each way. While this is a much longer trip time, you will be saving hundreds of dollars along the way.

If you are looking for a direct route from Sydney to Byron Bay via land, Greyhouse buslines has a direct bus that travels from Sydney to Byron Bay from $69 each way. Note that the drive from Sydney to Byron Bay while on freeways is still one of the most beautiful rides you will take around Australia.

Benefits to catching a train over a plane?

You will have a smaller impact on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint if you go to Sydney by rail, regardless of whether you use a regional or high-speed train. You can reassure yourself that by making this decision, the sceneries you are witnessing will be preserved in their natural state as you watch them unfold before your very eyes.

When travelling from Byron Bay to Sydney, taking the train rather than flying or driving produces up to thirty times fewer carbon dioxide emissions than the other two modes of transportation. A completely environmentally friendly means of transportation that will make it simple for you to cut down on your carbon footprint.

On the bus ride from Byron Bay to Sydney, as you take in the breathtaking scenery, turn up the volume on your favourite playlist of songs and tune out to the relaxing sounds of the tunes.

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