Wategos Beach is a lovely tiny cove on Australia’s most easterly point. This beautiful area of pandanus palms is well-protected, making it popular with both long-boarders and swimmers.

It is often regarded as the most beautiful beach in the Byron Bay area, is a nicely protected stretch of sand with a laid-back feel and excellent amenities. Wategos creates a gentle wave that is ideal for beginning surfers.

wategos beach byron bay

Wategos Beach is located between Cape Byron and the Fisherman’s Lookout, below the Byron Bay Lighthouse, and is accessible by foot through the Cape Byron walking pathway.

There is also limited street parking accessible along Marine Parade, close behind the beach.

When there is a swell, the wave draws a mix of soul surfers (long-boarders) and amateurs and is best left to the pros. The good news is that it’s a big break with plenty of sand along the beach. Only a few months of the year are lifesavers on patrol at the Pass. Find a lovely shaded spot to flop, drop, and swim between the flags.


Where is Wategos Beach?

Wategos Beach, located just north of Cape Byron and the lighthouse, is one of the nicest sites in Byron to picnic, paddle, and play. This secluded beach on the northern side of Cape Byron will wow you with its serene charm.

Who was Wategos Beach named after?

Wategos near Byron Bay was named after Mick and Mary Jane Watego, who came from the Loyalty Islands north of Brisbane and were claimed by the French. Mick, Mary Jane, and their eleven children arrived in Wategos in the 1930s.

Are dogs allowed on Wategos Beach?

This location is part of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area, which is dog-free. The Cape Byron State Conservation Area encompasses the majority of Cape Byron, omitting the residential areas at Wategos Beach and behind Clarkes Beach, but containing the beaches itself.

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