There are many beautiful waterfalls to swim and explore in Northern NSW, and one of the best should be on any wild-swimming enthusiast’s bucket list: Whian Whian Falls, located near Nightcap National Park.

If driving through effortlessly beautiful country landscapes to a waterfall sounds like your idea of a fun day out, then keep reading for a quick overview of how to get to the Whian Whian Falls Conservation Area.

whian whian falls

The drive from Byron Bay will take about an hour and is clearly marked (to those responsible for this, a sincere thank you from a girl who is geographically challenged at times).

If you have Google Maps on your smartphone, simply type in the name of the waterfall and it will direct you to the location, along with clear signage on the country roads. If you prefer, you can follow my directions from the nearest town, Dunoon, by driving along the main road out of town known as Dunoon Road and turning onto Whian Whian Road in the direction of Rocky Creek Dam. You will drive over Simes Bridge, which has Rocky Creek running beneath it, and the carpark will be on your left just after the bridge.

When you arrive at the carpark, look for a clearing and a track on your left; follow the fence around until you reach the lookout over the falls. Unless there has been heavy rain in the area, getting down to the swimming hole itself is fairly easy; however, take your descent steadily so that you do not slip over and bruise your backside.

Pack a picnic and plenty of fluids to keep you going so you can enjoy a refreshing swim in these beautiful pools. Remember to take your trash with you, as there are no garbage cans at Whian Whian Falls, so that others can enjoy these beautiful spots as much as you do.

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